Samantha Margerison

Can't garden, can barely cook ... but give me CAD, a 3D printer and I'm off ...

I currently work as a critical care nurse at the RSCH; worked in IT for the best part of three decades prior to that. I LOVE to make stuff!<br /> I've a little makerspace at home (Prusa 3D printer, 3018 CNC, electronics assembly/test kit, various hand & power tools) which allows me to make some fun small stuff.<br /> I want to grow; I want to rekindle the wood working I got involved in at school, I want to learn to do metalwork.<br /> I've a stack of various projects at various stages but the one taking most of my focus at present is: Flo - a 5 string, multi-short scale electric bass (I play bass in a local ukulele band). BB is my first venture into the makerspace community.


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