Please fill out the form below, on the next page you will be asked to setup a direct debit for the monthly payment.
We need your real name and address, this is required by UK law
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Build Brighton may not be the type of space you expect so before joining you need to have come along to one of our Thursday open evnings first
Please give us the name and contact details of someone we can contact if needed.

Build Brighton is a community of people rather than a company and it operates largely on trust.
We require a profile photo as it helps members to recognise new faces.

This must be a clear image of your face, (passport photo style) its not much use for identification otherwise! This photo will be displayed to members and may be used within the space, it will also be listed publicly on this site but you can turn that off below if you want.
If you want to block your photo from displaying outside Build Brighton please check this box although we would rather you didn't.
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